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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sir, you wrote a paper, that was selected in Las Vegas

"When you copy from one paper, it is called plagiarism, when you copy from more than one, it is called research"

However, this definition is not universal, research can also mean actual research. But research papers are not always based on research, are they? Well, this is a story of a short research paper that was...

My friend and room-mate, Asankhaya Sharma was the researcher. After long researches - I am sorry - short research - he brought out a short research paper. Knowing perfectly well that for a paper to be selected, it needs to have the name of a senior faculty, he added the name of Dr. S.1 to the paper, and sent it to numerous conferences for selection.

The paper was selected in the World Academy of Sciences. Post selection, Asankhaya approached Dr. S and told him that his paper had made it to Las Vegas. Of course, Dr. S. was going to Las Vegas, as it happenned, along with a full-length paper, which three students had authored, probably under the aegis of a certain Dr. M., not of this institute.

The comments of Dr. S. and the thoughts of Asankhaya (as told to the author) lasted three minutes. A few samples...

S: The format is wrong.
A: Come on, it is IEEE format and above all, it's got selected and now you say it is wrong.

S: Short research paper? Had you come to me before, I would have made it 10-12 pages for consideration for a full-length paper.
A: You haven't read the paper, and you claim to expand it. How, when there is not enough research material?

S: I won't be putting your name to the TEQIP, they'll get confused when they find I've authored two submissions.
A: I wonder why? (Asankhaya claims he knows the reason now, but the author refutes it and refuses to be associated with the reason, so the reason has not been disclosed)

Anyway, congratulations Asankhaya, keep up the good work. We need more of your kind.
1 Published with the express consent of Asankhaya Sharma. The name of the faculty Dr. S is not disclosed since his permission could not be taken.